Frequently Asked Questions

Everything that was asked a lot of times.

Why are the other sources not working?

Currently there is only the option to use YouTube as download source. Any other source will be activated in the future or removed in because they updated the algorithm and we are not able anymore to use them for search and downloads.

What if the chosen result stuck on converting?

In rare cases, videos can't be downloaded from YouTube. Then you need to use another converter or just follow the steps we will offer you to download your wanted result.

Why i got no results for my search?

Please make sure that your searched query is spelled correct and check your internet connection. If you visit our site and your internet connection stop working you wouldn't be able to search on our site. In all cases you can refresh the page once, redefine your searched query and start the search again.

Why will the download not start or throw an error?

In that case please contact our developers with the following details

  1. Your Browser (and version)
  2. Your device (desktop, tablet, mobile)
  3. Your searched query
  4. Your clicked result

We will check that problem immediately and will answer you as soon as possible.

Can i save the download to my iPhone or iPad?

It's not possible to save files on iPhones or iPads. Anyway, you're able to save the file to your dropbox and to stream it from there. To save the file to your dropbox click the button „Save to cloud” and choose „Dropbox” and follow the instructions.